This amazing basement play area had no storage for the toys so they were all on the floor. We decided on some cube storage from IKEA and bins from Target. We also moved some things around and repurposed another cube storage unit from elsewhere for dress up accessories. Now there is tons of space to play and a place for toys when they're done!


  1. Absence of storage options resulted in toys scattered on the floor, limiting play area functionality.
  2. Inadequate organization hindered easy access to toys and tidy clean-up processes.


Versatile cube storage units from IKEA and select bins from Target to the rescue! Additionally, I repurposed an existing cube storage unit specifically for dress-up accessories. To optimize the available space, we made strategic adjustments to the arrangement of everything in the play area.


  1. Ample Play Space: The cube storage units and bins  housed the toys, freeing up the floor, allowing more room to play.
  2. Streamlined Organization: The designated storage units and bins provided a structured system for categorizing and storing toys, allowing for easy access and efficient clean-up routines.
  3. Enhanced Functionality: The repurposed cube storage unit specifically for dress-up accessories created a dedicated space for these items, fostering creativity and role-play opportunities.
  4. Optimized Space: I was able to optimize the space, striking a harmonious balance between play area expansion and efficient toy storage.



"With us moving every couple years and having 4 small kids, we accumulated lots of stuff and never unpacked lots each time. She has been going room by room through our house and making our space organized and functional. She has so many great ideas and has relieved so much stress. We are so glad we reached out for help!"