Toys, Toys, and More Toys


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This sweet mom of 4 was overwhelmed with toys and lacked storage for them. We decided on some cube storage units from IKEA and found bins for them at Target. This was perfect to frame out the window (to be used as a future window seat!) and hold both large and small toys. I also used an existing toy storage unit they had to hold all Barbie items. Dress up clothes were moved to the basement. Now both mom and kiddos can quickly and easily pick up and put toys away because they have a place!


  1. A surplus of toys that overwhelmed the available space
  2.  Limited storage options that failed to accommodate the diverse toy collection
  3.  Struggles with quickly locating and stowing away toys due to the lack of an organized system


My plan involved using cube storage units from IKEA and select bins from Target. Focusing on the bright window area, I transformed it into a practical storage space, knowing its future as a cozy window seat. The larger toys found their place within the cube storage units, while the smaller ones were arranged in the bins. Additionally, I repurposed an existing toy storage unit specifically for the beloved Barbie collection. To free up additional space in the main living area, we relocated the dress-up clothes to the basement.


  1. Enhanced organization: The designated storage units and bins allowed for easy categorization, making it a breeze for both mom & kiddos to locate and store their toys efficiently.
  2. Optimal use of space: By using the window area, we not only created an attractive storage solution but also preserved the potential for a future window seat, adding a touch of functionality and charm to the space.
  3. Streamlined clean-up process: With clearly defined spaces for toys, tidying up became a simple and stress-free task for everyone.
  4. Reduced clutter: The new storage system significantly minimized visual clutter, resulting in a more visually appealing and functional living space.


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"With us moving every couple years and having 4 small kids, we accumulated lots of stuff and never unpacked lots each time. She has been going room by room through our house and making our space organized and functional. She has so many great ideas and has relieved so much stress. We are so glad we reached out for help!"