Copy of Closet!


A Tidy Tomorrow - Closet Before 1
A Tidy Tomorrow - Closet Before 2
A Tidy Tomorrow - Closet Before 3

Between working full time and 3 young kiddos, this busy couple just didn't have the time to organize their master closet after moving in. They invested in some new velvet hangers, so now it's not only functional, but it looks great too!!


  1. Lack of time to organize the closet after the move
  2. Difficulty in finding and accessing items efficiently
  3. Visual clutter and disarray in the closet space


In addition to adding velvet hangers, we repurposed existing bins to re-organize items on the shelves so they were more accessible. This will greatly help with maintaining their closet going forward.


  1. Enhanced Organization: The switch to velvet hangers brought order and structure to the couple's master closet. The slim profile of the hangers optimized space utilization, allowing for more garments to be stored in the same area.
  2. Improved Functionality: The non-slip surface of the velvet hangers prevented clothes from slipping off and becoming wrinkled, ensuring that each item remained in its intended place. Clearing off the shelves opened space to place folded clothes and other items neatly.
  3. Aesthetic Upgrade: The overall presentation of the clothing collection was enhanced, creating a more pleasing and cohesive look.
  4. Time Savings: With an organized and visually appealing closet, the couple saved valuable time by easily locating and selecting outfits for work and daily activities.


A Tidy Tomorrow - Closet After 1
A Tidy Tomorrow - Closet After 2
A Tidy Tomorrow - Closet After 3

"It is amazing!!! Thank you so much. You've made every room, even our closet, feel huge ๐Ÿ™‚ It's just so organized and functional. You're so wonderful!"

B.P. ~Dublin