Less stress is on the horizon!

Being organized isn't about being perfect. It's about creating functional systems that will work for you.

Heidi Sexten-A Tidy Tomorrow

Less stress is on the horizon!

Being organized isn't about being perfect. It's about creating functional systems that will work for you.

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Organizing with you - A Tidy Tomorrow
Done with You
Organizing for you - A Tidy Tomorrow
Done for You
Consulting with you - A Tidy Tomorrow

We'll discover exactly what you need and develop a plan that fits your needs!

  • Functional organization & solutions

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Get Your Place Organized And Healthy

It's time to ditch the clutter and overwhelm so you can enjoy every inch of your space.

Organizing Columbus and Surrounding Areas

Hilliard, Dublin, Upper Arlington, Galloway, Grandview, and beyond

A Tidy Tomorrow - Relocation


New to town? Let me help unpack and put you in touch with the best resources in your area.

A Tidy Tomorrow - Downsizing


Moving to a smaller space or just decluttering? I'll work my magic to make it less stressful.

A Tidy Tomorrow - Overwhelmed


Too much going on to focus on figuring out what goes where? I will help calm the chaos.

A Tidy Tomorrow - Holidays


Is this the year your decorations get nicely organized for storage? I've got your back!

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What Happy Clients Are Saying

Heidi is amazing at organizing!!

"She is creative and will work with you on any kind of budget!! Thank you, Heidi for organizing my closet and being so patient and nonjudgmental!! It’s amazing what some shoe racks will do for your closet!!"


Heidi is a joyful, energetic and organized lady.
"She will do a great job helping you organize your office space, closets, cabinets and more."
Heidi is true professional with home organization needs.

"Heidi is true professional with home organization needs. I was admittedly overwhelmed with the disorganized state of my closets and bathroom cabinets, which had gotten worse over time as my time had become consumed with a large project at work - overstressed, overworked, and overwhelmed with my personal clutter. Our conversation started with discussing the areas and goals I would like to focus on most. She patiently listened and explained her process and the amount of her time, and my time and help that would be required. As she worked through my closets we discussed the best placement for items, and their need to be kept, donated, or purged. It gave me such clarity, and sounds so simple, but when overwhelmed it's not easy to do yourself. Heidi's tips and suggestions were well placed and her kindness in her suggestions stands out to me most. Now having lived in my newly organized space for a little more than a week, I am feeling the stress lifted and joy I feel in looking at my organized spaces. I actually have fun with the new folding techniques Heidi shared with me when doing my laundry. If you are feeling like I did, hesitant, or have questions... do yourself a favor and have a chat with Heidi. She will talk with you through all of your problem areas to reach your specific goals. I am so, so glad I did!! Special shout-out to her daughter Chloe for her help on our last day to finish my closet."